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Conference review: Green Lake, WI

Campus Web Council of Wisconsin (CWCW) Fall Conference, November 12-13, 2007

Location/weather (0.2 out of 1 point)
Scenic Green Lake, Wisconsin—I’m sure it’s lovely during our month of summer, but it loses some charm in November. Cold and windy.

Hotel room (0.1 out of 1 point)
The Heidel House Resort has seen better days. While others in my group checked in at 9am and got room keys (actual keys made of metal, no need for fancy swipe cards here), I had to wait until 2pm. Perhaps the wait was so they could clean the Presidential Suite to my liking, or so I was hoping. Turns out, they must have been airing out the chemical spill in my room, I really do think they were storing pool supplies in there—very interesting aroma. Bonus, this time around my phone worked. Making matters worse, I had just stayed at the St. Julien in Boulder so my palate was a little warped.

Food (0.1 out of 1 point)
Breakfast buffet, turkey sandwich, Italian dinner buffet, breakfast buffet, Culvers sourdough melt with cheese curds. By no means were the meals anyone’s fault, they were typical conference-planned meals and provided nutrition. If it weren’t for Culvers there would be no points awarded.

Drinking opportunities (1 out of 1 point)
Stumbled back to the room a few hours before sunrise (a common theme). Social hour was nice, good conversation. Monday Night Football in the hotel bar was a blow out, luckily we were able to watch the Phoenix take on The Ohio State University Buckeyes on ESPN2 on a smaller screen off to the side. Beer was cold, so were my pool skills.

Rating: 1.4 out of 4



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